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What is the RIDER T1?

It’s a new, premium tire, designed to achieve optimized fit, superior function, and period-appropriate style on vintage, retro, classic, cult, and old school mountain bikes.

Is the RIDER T1 a reproduction?

No, it’s a me production. I closely studied many of the most popular mountain bike tire designs from the 1980s while designing the RIDER T1. You may discover hints of your personal favorites, but this is the tire that I would have designed in 1987, if I had been around since the beginning of our sport, and not just getting started in it at that time.

Who created the RIDER T1?

Terrance Kevin Malone, Founder and Managing Director of Terra One GmbH.

Where can I buy the RIDER T1?

Initially, only through this Indiegogo campaign. After the campaign, it will eventually be available directly through the Terra One website, as well as through a few, trusted organizations committed to spreading our passion for vintage mountain biking.

Why should I use the RIDER T1?

To preserve MTB history, ride more frequently & build our community. After you’ve tracked down the vintage mountain bike of your dreams, don’t lock it away for another thirty years. Swap out the irreplaceable, original tires with RIDER T1s, get your treasure back on the trail, and inspire others to upcycle classic MTBs instead of recycling them.

Where did the name Terra One come from? What does it mean? What does it stand for?

Removing the middle of my legal name revealed the name of my brand: Terrance Malone, the individual, became Terra One, the company. We only have a single world to explore and enjoy: our earth, a.k.a. Terra One. Riding bicycles more often improves our own health, as well as that of the planet we’re fortunate enough to call home. Terra One products for vintage mountain bikes are designed to preserve history, build community, and allow us to ride our classics more frequently.


What colors are available?

Only one available through this campaign: black tread with beige sidewalls. Depending on the success of the initial version, and demand from my backers, I will consider offering other options in the future.

Which sizes are available?

Only one available through this campaign: 26 x 2.125″, legally known in Europe as 54-559. Depending on the success of the initial version, and demand from my backers, I will consider offering other options in the future.

What does the RIDER T1 weigh?

The target weight of the RIDER T1, based on three rounds of prototypes, is 750g ± 30g. The lightest, fully finished prototype weighed 726g. The heaviest of the final round of prototypes, which was produced to confirm the final sidewall markings, and wasn’t finished to production standards, was 793g. For comparison, the 26 x 2.125 tire which was specified on one of the first, mass-produced mountain bikes, and shares its model name, was claimed to weigh 890 grams in an advertisement from 1985.

What puncture-protection features are used in the construction of the RIDER T1?

Aside from rubber tread blocks which are significantly taller than most modern tires, none. I considered and tested two specifications with additional puncture protection. Initial feedback through social media during the build-up towards its launch suggested that a majority of potential riders preferred it to be as light and efficient as possible. Depending on the success of the initial version, and demand from my backers, I will consider offering more puncture-resistant options in the future.

Is the RIDER T1 available with a wire (non-folding) bead?

No. While folding bead mountain bike tires were extremely rare prior to 1987, I suspect fellow enthusiasts will overlook this period-inappropriate detail in the name of improved performance. Also, while a version with a wire bead could cost significantly less, because it couldn’t be packed into as small a carton, it would cost significantly more to ship in small quantities due to dimensional weight calculations and oversized parcel surcharges.

Is the RIDER T1 tire position-specific?

No, but it is mildly directional. While the first front and rear specific tire designs were available by the end of the 1980s, the initial designs didn’t yet fully deliver on that concept’s promise. My design doubles up the direction of every third transitional tread block, so the tire creates additional lateral grip when oriented to the front and more driving traction when reversed for use in back.

Which rims are the RIDER T1 compatible with?

It has been designed for optimal fit and function with vintage, 26″, crochet-type rims. The tighter tolerances required for proper tubeless function make many modern tires a very tight fit on many popular rims from the 80s & 90s. I designed the RIDER T1 for you to ride on as many of your classic bikes as possible, so I intentionally didn’t make them tubeless ready. DO NOT USE THE RIDER T1 TUBELESS, OR WITH A TUBE ON MODERN, TUBELESS RIMS WITH LOW SIDEWALLS, SMALL BEAD HOOKS, OR NO BEAD HOOKS!

Which vintage tire models influenced the design of the RIDER T1?

I studied many tires while desigining the RIDER T1, from motocross bikes where the original, off-road, two-wheeled tread patterns came from, through BMX, where they were adapted to bicycles, and finally to mountain bikes, where they were scaled up to 26″ diameter. Key influences: Mitsuboshi (later re-branded as Tioga) Comp II National (later re-branded as Panaracer) knobby IRC Racer X-1 The tire whose name inspired the Rumpstomper MTB races, held between 86 – 88 in Sonoma, CA Fisher Fat Trax

Will the RIDER T1 fit between the chain stays / seat stays / fork blades of my bike?

For reference, the prototypes measure 56.5mm wide between the outer edges of opposite tread blocks, when inflated to 50 PSI / 3.5 bar, mounted on a rim with 21mm inner width. Please compare this dimension with your current tires, rims, and your frame / fork to ensure that the RIDER T1 will suit your bike before ordering. If the RIDER T1 won’t fit, my next two designs will be narrower. The more successful this campaign, the sooner they will become available. Thanks for your patience & support!


How can I check the status of my pre-order?

First, check for the latest campaign updates here on IGG. If I haven’t answered your question there, please contact me at

Where is the RIDER T1 made?

In Thailand, where rubber is grown & harvested. Logistically and environmentally, it makes sense to build tires as close as possible to the source of the primary material used in their construction. Vee Tire Co. has produced tires from locally grown rubber in Samut Sakhon, Thailand since 1977. Their high level of vertical integration allows them to be more involved in the development process, produce tires more efficiently, and say yes to passion-driven, low-volume customers like Terra One.

When can I expect the RIDER T1 to arrive?

Initial deliveries against the first production of 1,000 tires should take place between the end of March and end of April, depending on your country. I won’t know precisely how soon a second order can be delivered until I place it. The success of this campaign will determine how large this follow-up order will be, and how soon it can be delivered. I have estimated June, and will update all backers on the progress of future production runs.

Why are the prices for this campaign in Swiss Francs? How much is a Swiss Franc worth?

I’ve lived in Switzerland for the past eleven years. My children were born here, and this is home for our family. I incorporated here last year as Terra One GmbH to ensure we can live here independent of a monthly paycheck, by balancing my consulting work on other brand’s e-bike projects with making passion products, like the RIDER T1, for the vintage bikes which made me fall in love with cycling in the first place. As I write this, one CHF is worth nearly the same as one USD.

Does the RIDER T1 have a warranty?

Terra One products are warrantied for a period of two years against manufacturer’s defects. However, wear & tear, as well as damage caused by improper assembly or abuse, are not covered.

What is Terra One's refund policy?

Refunds will be very carefully considered on a case-by-case basis.

How do I upgrade my pre-order?

Please contact me at