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RIDER T1 – 26 x 2.125″, beige sidewalls

As a long-time enthusiast who collects mountain bikes from the period during which my love for cycling eventually became my career, I routinely uncover new finds from the 80s & 90s which are well worth restoring and riding, but whose tires are beyond saving. Light-colored sidewalls which contrast black tread rubber are back in fashion, and we're lucky enough to have access to modern production of a couple classic MTB tire designs from the 1990s, but I realized that no available tire incorporated the following design elements, which ideally suit earlier mountain bikes.
  • Large, tall, simply-shaped tread elements
    • The 80s called, and they're bringing big blocks back
  • A slightly directional, but not position-specific, tread pattern
    • Use the same tire both front & rear; a simple flip changes the grip
  • A round tire profile
    • Consistent cornering control over all surfaces, from soft through hard
  • No graphics printed on the beige, 120TPI sidewalls
    • How much more beige could they be? The answer is none - none more beige
  • Folding, yet not tubeless-compatible, beads
    • The only thing harder than mounting some tubeless tires to old rims is removing them