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Developed with the help of Marin County's own Tommy Breeze, this logo patch is featured on each of the two hats available on this web site. The patch is also available separately here, in case you want to sew your own Terra One logo gear. It measures 4" x 1 1/8", approximately 100mm x 30mm.

RIDER T1 – 26 x 2.125″, beige sidewalls

As a long-time enthusiast who collects mountain bikes from the period during which my love for cycling eventually became my career, I routinely uncover new finds from the 80s & 90s which are well worth restoring and riding, but whose tires are beyond saving. Light-colored sidewalls which contrast black tread rubber are back in fashion, and we're lucky enough to have access to modern production of a couple classic MTB tire designs from the 1990s, but I realized that no available tire incorporated the following design elements, which ideally suit earlier mountain bikes.
  • Large, tall, simply-shaped tread elements
    • The 80s called, and they're bringing big blocks back
  • A slightly directional, but not position-specific, tread pattern
    • Use the same tire both front & rear; a simple flip changes the grip
  • A round tire profile
    • Consistent cornering control over all surfaces, from soft through hard
  • No graphics printed on the beige, 120TPI sidewalls
    • How much more beige could they be? The answer is none - none more beige
  • Folding, yet not tubeless-compatible, beads
    • The only thing harder than mounting some tubeless tires to old rims is removing them

Soft-top Hat

Just as Terra One tires improve your experiences exploring new trails, a comfortable, reliable, classic soft-top hat can enhance your off-bike adventures. Marin County's own Tommy Breeze sews every patch onto its hat, ensuring its heritage, quality, and durability.
This faded black, Adams LP101 soft-top hat features:
  • Fully embroidered Terra One logo patch
  • Six panels
  • Curved brim
  • Brass buckle¬†enclosure
  • Unstructured, low-profile crown

Trucker Hat

Airy and light, trucker hats are classics: as are our beloved, old-school mountain bikes. Marin County's own Tommy Breeze sews every patch onto its hat, ensuring its heritage, quality, and durability.
This premium, black/grey, Richardson 112 trucker hat features:
  • Embroidered Terra One logo patch
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Curved¬†brim
  • Plastic snapback enclosure
  • Mid-profile, six panel crown