Our background and goals

Preserve history, build community and ride frequently

RIDER T1 - the new tire for vintage mountain bikes

As a long-time enthusiast who collects mountain bikes from the period during which my love for cycling eventually became my career, I routinely uncover new finds from the 80s & 90s which are well worth restoring and riding, but whose tires are beyond saving.

Light-colored sidewalls which contrast black tread rubber are back in fashion, and we’re lucky enough to have access to modern production of a couple classic MTB tire designs from the 90s, but I realized that no currently available tire incorporates the following design elements which ideally suit earlier mountain bikes.

Thanks to more than twenty years experience in bicycle product development, including developing custom tire designs for other brands with several tire manufacturers, I realized I was in a unique position to solve this problem.

I created my brand, Terra One, to help fellow vintage cycling enthusiasts preserve our history, build our community, and ride more frequently. The RIDER T1 tire is the first product which fully embraces those goals; a new tire for our original, off-road legends.